• CreateZones tool for Generating Simulation Scenarios

The latest codes are available from the link below.

  • Getting and Building NS-3 DCE Environment

ns-3 Direct Code Execution (DCE) based DNSSEC simulator. bind9, unbound, dig, etc are running inside ns-3 simulation.

  1. Install bake
    All the software installation is handled by bake build tool. You could obtain the tools as:

    hg clone

    You need to install ‘mercurial’ for this installation.

  2. Obtain bakeconf.xml for ns-3-dce-dnssec module
    wget -O bakeconf.xml
  3. Build
    The following commands build the DNSSEC module, ns-3, bind9, unbound, and some additional modules that the simulator requires. It will take long time to finish it.

    mkdir dnssec
    cd dnssec
    ../bake/ configure -c ../bakeconf.xml -e dce-dnssec
    ../bake/ download
    ../bake/ build
  4. Test examples
    If all the build steps above are finished without no errors, you can try pre-installed example.

    cd source/ns-3-dce
    ./waf --run dce-dns-simple

    This command simulates a simple DNS packet exchange, resulting pcap files which contains packets of DNS. You will see

    % ls -ltr *.pcap
    -rw-r--r-- 1 foo foo 32944 Feb  7 17:54 dce-dns-simple-1-0.pcap
    -rw-r--r-- 1 foo foo 32944 Feb  7 17:54 dce-dns-simple-0-0.pcap

    If you wanna try DNSSEC example,

    cd source/ns-3-dce
    ./waf --run "dce-dnssec --pcap=1"

    will give you another pcap files.

    % tcpdump -r dce-dnssec-4-0.pcap -n
    09:01:51.002006 IP > 52654 2/2/1 A, RRSIG (292)
    09:01:51.004451 IP > 57806 2/2/1 A, RRSIG (308)